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for Southern Oregon and the Rogue Valley

Emergency Prepardness Recommendation from a Search and Rescue Volunteer...


BE READY - Pack and gas the car.


LOAD VEHICLESPut small animals in carriers, large animals have leash/halters ready. Load the car(s).  May consider leaving before the roads are packed.


LEAVE NOW! -  Go at least 5 miles from the threat.

Emergency Information Tools and Resources

Citizen Alert - Be Prepared!

Sign up on the Jackson County Oregon website.

Emergency Prepardness

Learn how to make an emergency plan for your family and keeping animals safe.


Josephine County Online Mapping

GIS Map images and/or data provided by Josephine County resources and is intended for general visual reference.

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Oregon Department of Transportation

Check on road conditions, weather forecasts, web cameras, condition reports, and more.

Southern Oregon Fire Relief Effort

Wildfire damage housing relief application, clothing, food, hygiene and kids supplies, and more.

Southern Oregon Helps

Direct Person-to-Person Exchange

Southern Oregon Helps is an exchange site for those in the Rogue Valley during emergencies and beyond. No intermediary is involved. Create an account, then post what you need or what you can provide.


After a home loss and you need to file a claim.

Apps for Apple and Android Devices
  • Everbridge

  • Jackson County Scanner

  • Citizen Alert

  • Pulse Point

Local Support and Donations

Red Rock Cowboy Church in Central Point

Victims of the wildfires that are ravaging Southern Oregon are, unfortunately, not getting their immediate needs met by government agencies.


WE NEED TO CUT THROUGH THE RED TAPE NOW!!!!! Survivors of the fires including elderly individuals, people with cancer and other illnesses, and families with children, who have lost their homes and all of their worldly possessions, are in desperate need!!!

Red Rock Cowboy Church has a fund set up on behalf of these fire victims to meet the IMMEDIATE NEEDS that should have already been met. As of September 13, 2020


Keep Gas Tank Full

Never let your gas gauge get below half a tank.

Take Photos of Your Personal Belongings

Photos for insurance purposes can be helpful, consider providing a copy to your insurance agent.

Take Valuable Papers

Store deeds, insurance documents, passports, etc in a fireproof safe or envelope.

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